THE MIRAGE, The greatest car you’ve never heard of.

In 2014 I was fortunate to view a work in progress version of the film “The Mirage” when director Kyle Roper and editor Alex Tyson were fine tuning their project. I enjoyed the smart, well crafted documentary and I asked Kyle to keep me informed of the progress of his first feature length directorial effort. Since then the film has had theatrical showings and recently Kyle contacted me with news that Sacred Bull Media has released it on digital and some onDemand platforms.

The tightly edited 45 minute film chronicles the absorbing story of Peter Kalikow as he pursues the dream of building his own car from the late 1960’s to the present day. Mr. Kalikow and I both share the transformative moment as teenagers when an issue of Road & Track magazine exposed us to an exciting automotive world that transformed our lives. Consequently, I found myself emotionally invested in the unfolding saga of his Momo-Mirage automobile.

“The Mirage” is “A behind-the-scenes look into the world of car design, construction and the politics behind it.” It features Mr. Kalikow and insightful commentary by automobile historian Winston Goodfellow interwoven with additional interviews, archival footage and visually exciting montages.

Sacred Bull Media presents “The Mirage” with original Music by Aaron M. Olson; Cinematography by Alex Tyson and Matthew Sanchez; edited by Alex Tyson; Produced by Kyle Roper, Nicolas Kalikow, Diane Richey and directed by Kyle Roper.

Full info including streaming sites:

The official trailer is also on Vimeo:


Racing Tire With Gravel – Belgian GP 1985

After an off track excursion gravel remains stuck to the the sticky racing tires.

A Porsche Way of Life – October 2017 – PCA Porsche Panorama Magazine

The October 2017 issue of the Porsche Club of America’s official magazine Porsche Panorama features my article “A Porsche Way of Life” about Les Checel’s five decades of involvement with Porsches and the PCA.

My sincere thanks to Rob Sass, Editor;  Amy Skogstrom, Executive Editor;  Richard Baron, Creative Director;  Emma Smith, Associate Managing Editor; Doug Lloyd, Copy Editor and all the other talented people who make Panorama possible.  I’m a grateful contributor to such an outstanding publication.

Importantly, my heartfelt gratitude goes to Les Checel for sharing his long journey with Porsche and the PCA.  Les also generously allowed me to drive his three beautiful examples of Porsche’s air-cooled history: a 1965 356SC coupe, a 1970 914-6 and a 1995 993.  They were each a phenomenal education and pleasure to experience.

Fiberglass Repair – Benetton – Austrian GP 1985

Transmission, Drive Shafts, Rear Suspension And Brakes – British Grand Prix 1983

Rear Suspension And Transmission On A Yellow Barrel – British GP 1983

McLaren Trailer With Tires – British Grand Prix 1985

Benetton Body Panels – German GP 1985

Tag-Turbo Engine Made By Porsche In The McLaren – Monaco Grand Prix 1985

If current speculation is correct we may see another Porsche built engine in Formula One.  The possibility is very exciting!

The Race Report – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

The way it used to be in the not so distant past.  In the “luxurious” press room the race report is in progress surrounded by the tools of the trade: an open beverage, official timing reports, the personal hand written lap chart and the typewriter.

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