I am indebted to many people who made my experience photographing motorsport possible:

Kent James Smith, Curator at the Long Beach Museum of Art who believed an exhibition of the history of Grand Prix photography was a great idea and trusted me to do the research. “Passion and Precision: The Photographer and Grand Prix Racing 1894-1984” appeared at the Long Beach Museum of Art, March 25 -May 13, 1984; The Detroit Institute of Art, June 6-26, 1984; and The Hall of Champions, San Diego, CA October 12, 1985 – January 6, 1986.  It was generously funded by The Long Beach Museum of Art Foundation, The Department of Recreation and Human Services, City of Long Beach; Founders Society Detroit Institute of Arts and The Ford Motor Company which provided for printing of the exhibition catalogue and presentation at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Thanks also to Ellen Sharp Curator of Graphic Art, The Detroit Institute of Art and Mary St. Clair Smith and the wonderful staff at the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Detroit Institute of Art.

William A. Motta, former Art Director and Art Editor at Road & Track.  Bill was one of the first people I met with about the “Passion & Precision” exhibition and made important suggestions aiding my Grand Prix photography research.  He also wrote invaluable letters to the FIA and race organizers helping me obtain photography credentials.  After each race I shipped my Kodachromes to Bill and Richard M.Baron at Road & Track who published many and kept the rest safe until my return.  Bill has retired and Richard is now Creative Director for Porsche Panorama.

Bernard Cahier, preeminent Grand Prix journalist, photographer and President of the International Racing Press Association. Bernard’s counsel and generosity were inspirational and immeasurably helpful with my journey in F1. Also thanks to Paul-Henri Cahier for his friendship and Joan and Tami Cahier for their kindness and hospitality.

Karl Ludvigsen, renown author and historian for his recommendations and advice with the research for “Passion and Precision” and the “Jesse Alexander Motor Racing Photographs” exhibition.

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, the governing body for world motorsport and Gilles Gaignault, Press Relations, for granting my photography credentials.

Drivers: René Arnoux, Derek Bell, Jack Brabham, Eddie Cheever, René Dreyfus, Deborah Gregg, René Guili, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Innes Ireland, Alan Jones, T.A.S.O. Mathieson, Stirling Moss, Danny Sullivan, and Bob Wolleck.

Photographers: Jesse Alexander, Bernard Asset, Pete Biro, John Blakemore, Jeff Bloxham, Bernard Cahier, Paul-Henri Cahier, Jacques Cochin, Ercole Columbo,Yves Debraine, Jay J. Hector, Phil Hill, Louis Klemantaski, John Lamm, Akira Mase, William Motta, Ranier Schlegelmilch, Jad Sharif, Nigel Snowden, Keith Sutton, Franco Zagari and Jeff Zwart.

Journalists:  Bernard Cahier, Gérard “Jabby” Crombac, Phillipe de Barssy, Ami Guichard, Paul Frère, Denis Jenkinson, Michel König,and Günther Molter.

John Frankenheimer, Film Maker.

Frank Rinderknecht, of Rinspeed for his hospitality and imagination.

Gordon Murray, Designer, who, in the intensely competitive world of F1, took time out of a demanding schedule to talk about the aesthetics of race car design and answered my technical questions with patience and clarity.

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