Logistics – Final Preparations – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

At first the exhibition hall was quiet and empty.  Gradually the hall was filled with a cacophony of tools clattering and people chattering in a pandemonium of languages as the technical masterpieces called Formula One racing cars were prepared for competition.

Logistics – Brabham BT52 Assembly #3 – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Logistics – Brabham BT52 Assembly #2 – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

This is a second BT52 chassis under construction. Note the different wing and chassis graphics.  More suspension parts and a stack of rear wings have been unpacked.   The previous image was one of the few I shot on Kodachrome, this picture is on Ektachrome slide film.  The two photographs were shot at different times of day and the 5000˚K daylight coming from the open garage door behind me affects the color balance.  The Kodachrome 64 was a lower ASA film necessitating a slow shutter speed and wider lens aperture.  The Ektachrome 400 was faster and enabled a higher shutter speed and smaller aperture that resulted in stopped action and greater depth of field.

Logistics – Brabham BT52 Assembly #1 – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Logistics – Tyrrell Technician – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Unfortunately the resolution of the Ektachrome 400 film is not sufficient to determine what is in the bottle that the technician is holding.  It could be some type of surface prep used to detail the car.  If anyone recognizes the product please let me know.

Logistics – Tyrrell Pit Equipment – Stands And Jacks – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Logistics – Formula One Wheels – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

The wheels are assembled from different sized pieces to achieve the required dimensions for front or rear tires.  Check out the difference in measurement between the fronts stacked on the back left and the massive width of the rear wheels on the back right.

Logistics – Gear Sets And Driving Shoes – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Logistics – Ferrari Wings – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Logistics – Red Tarp Covered Car With Exposed Brake Disc and Brake Duct – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

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