Gloved Hand On The Steering Wheel – Ferrari – British Grand Prix 1985

Lauda’s Gloved Hand Resting – German GP 1985

lauda-gloved-hand-germ85signThe previous post photograph shows Niki Lauda in the McLaren cockpit at the Detroit Grand Prix held on June 24, 1984.  I took this this photograph more than a year later at the German Grand Prix  August 4, 1985.  It documents him resting his hand in a nearly identical position.  Drivers are extremely precise individuals who consciously and unconsciously ritualize every detail of their behavior before going out on track.

Niki Lauda In The Cockpit Of The McLaren MP4/2 – Detroit GP 1984

Andrea de Cesaris – Belgian GP 1985

Gerhard Berger And Hand – German GP 1985

Elio de Angelis And Hand – British GP 1985

Stefan Bellof – Helmet And Balaclava Marks – Detroit GP 1984

Stefan Bellof – British GP 1985

Gordon Murray, Nelson Piquet And Brabham Crew – Monaco GP 1984

Patrick Tambay In The Renault RE50 Cockpit – Detroit GP 1984

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