Patrese’s Glove – Monaco GP 1985

Bellof’s Glove And Steering Wheel – Monaco GP 1985

Patrick Tambay’s Eyes – Monaco GP 1984

Senna’s Eyes – British GP 1985

Michele Alboreto In His Helmet – Dutch GP 1985

Andrea de Cesaris: 1959-2014

On October 5th, former F1 Driver Andrea de Cesaris died as a result of injuries sustained during a motorcycle crash.  You can read details on Joe Saward’s blog and and at Grand

Here are two of my pictures of deCesaris from the Poetics of Speed archive:




F1 Trailer Workshop – German Grand Prix 1983

F1 Trailer Workshop – British Grand Prix 1983


Not all F1 teams are equal.  Compare this to the standard set by the McLaren team:

Pit Crew Radios And Headphones – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Racing Motor Oil – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983


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