Keke Rosberg And Photographers – British GP 1985

rosberg&photographers(sutton).signPhotographer Keith Sutton (with Canon camera and grey telephoto lens over his shoulder) is immediately to Rosberg’s right.  You can find more of Keith’s great photographs at

Podium – Two Trophies – French Grand Prix – 1985

Trophy – Podium Ceremony – French Grand Prix 1985

Podium Ceremony – Nelson Piquet – Austrian GP 1983

piquet.podium1.aust83.signThank you for your support.  I wish everyone Happy Holidays and I’ll be back posting in January 2015.

Gordon Murray – British Grand Prix 1985

Brabham BT52 – BMW M12 Turbo Engine Backfire – Austrian GP 1983

Parmalat Sun – Brabham – Dallas GP 1984

In The Garage – Nelson Piquet Waits In The Brabham BT-52 – Austrian GP 1983

Elio de Angelis – Helmet And Driving Shoes – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Engineers’ Hands And Bosch Motronic ECU – Austrian GP 1985


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