On The Podium, French Grand Prix

This is my 75th post, a bit of a milestone.   I started working on the blog offline on October 3 and went public on November 10. In this short time the response has been wonderful and I appreciate everyone who has spent time here.

This is a good moment to thank some people:

Bob Tilton at his excellent site, werkcrew, gave me great advice and compliments. His listing of poetics of speed on his blogroll has brought a lot of you here.

I’m amazed by the hundreds of folks at the Cayman Register, and Planet 9, who have read my story about the ride with Derek Bell. Your comments have been terrific and I appreciate you checking out this blog.

Un grand merci à tous au forum-auto.com pour regarder ce blog.  Mes excuses pour mon mauvais français.

I’m going to take a few days off and work on more pictures. I’ll be back January 2.

Happy Holidays.

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