Ford Cosworth DFV/DFY 3.0 V8

In its first race the Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8 won the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix powering a Lotus 49 driven by Jim Clark.  The final victory for the DFV/DFY series came at the Detroit Grand Prix in 1983 with Michele Alboreto’s win in a Tyrrell.  The DFY evolution produced around 520 HP at 11,000 RPM but it was less than half the horsepower of the Turbo engines in qualifying spec and a couple of hundred HP less than the Turbos in race trim.  Variations of the DFV powered the CART/Champ car series and won Le Mans twice.  It is one of the greatest engine designs in racing history.

The Ford Cosworth DFY 3.0 V8 in a Tyrrell at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix:

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