The Voices In My Head

On November 25th the 2012 Formula One Championship concluded and with it the last of F1 broadcasts in the U.S. courtesy of Speed TV. Born on New year’s Day 1996 as Speedvision, the name morphed into Speed Channel and then Speed HD as new owners and technology appeared.  As an early subscriber I couldn’t contain my excitement. Here was a 24 hour channel with in depth coverage of Formula One, Sports Car Endurance Racing, Moto GP, the WRC and Paris-Dakar.

Clearly there is a vast difference between attending a race or watching its mediated version.  However since I was no longer photographing races first hand Speed’s broadcasts became a major resource.  Because my motorsports viewing often occurs at unusual hours I began to wear headphones as a courtesy to a sleeping spouse.  As a result, my race watching was a personal private activity and the commentators became the voices in my head.  Speed’s principal F1 team of Bob Varsha, David Hobbs and Steve Matchett were great companions.   In particular I enjoyed Matchett’s technical contributions and his fervent appreciation of Grand Prix racing.  I also respected the revered Sam Posey’s poetic essays and was entertained by the current view from pit lane via the excitable Will Buxton and previously the F1 insider Peter Windsor.

Their collective insight, banter, humor and passion for Formula One will be missed.

Thanks for the company.

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