Boschkurve, Österreichring – René Arnoux In The Ferrari – Austrian Grand Prix 1983

Boschkurve&arnoux83.signThe Österreichring was a high speed race course with extremely fast sweeping turns, none more so than the awe inspiring Boschkurve.   It was a 180 right hand turn where the turbo engined  Formula One cars could reach speeds of 185-200MPH with no run off area and only the guardrail and some catch fencing to protect the drivers and spectators.   As I stood behind the rail the experience was astonishing.  The sound of the turbo engine flat out pierced my ears with a shrieking mechanical scream and the turbulence the car generated as it scythed through the air buffeted my body like trying to stand in a gale force wind.  After the final race in 1987 Formula One no longer included it in its series because it  the track was too dangerous.

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