Bob Wollek – Waiting – Le Mans 1984

wollek.yellowrail.signOne of the great rewards of photographing races was personally meeting drivers.  At first encounter Bob Wollek was what I expected: an intense, intelligent and fierce competitor.  I was also fortunate to be present at a small dinner later in the week where he was relaxed and entertaining.  I was amazed to learn that he had traveled to Le Mans on a bicycle from his home in Strasbourg. During the dinner conversation  he was a passionate proponent of the wines of Alsace. He insisted white wines could have the complexity of the finest red and to prove a point he ordered a bottle for the table.  I only had a small taste but it was exquisite. He laughed and clearly enjoyed everyone’s reaction and approval.  Back at the track he was as focused as ever and I was grateful for the insight into a complex and remarkable man.


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