A Lunch To Remember

The day after my ride with Derek Bell I was invited to attend a luncheon at La Boîte d’Asperge, a small restaurant near the circuit.  I was seated at a table with a few other photographers and journalists and a selection of great sports car drivers.  The conversation, in a mixture of French and English, was filled with racing anecdotes punctuated with laughter. I was silent, listening in amazement when Paul-Henri Cahier announced that I had a lap the previous day in a Porsche 956.  Seated across from me, Jochen Mass laughed heartily saying “ Oh you are the tall American that rode with Derek.  You know the crew had a bet going you weren’t going to fit!”  The whole table joined him in laughter.  I guess I must have been quite an amusing spectacle folding myself into the car.  Afterwards I took this picture, left to right: Bob Wollek, Jochen Mass, Bernard Cahier, Henri Pescarolo and  Claude Ballot-Léna.

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