Williams Clipboard: The Rituals of Dialing In The Racecar

The usual perception of motor racing is about the spectacle and action on the track.  Certainly the unfolding events of a good race can be high drama but a key element of my passion is a profound appreciation for all the “behind the scenes” hard work and subtle details in designing, building and testing race cars. This clipboard is a record of the rituals of race car problem solving.

Radio not working, bottoming front, oversteer.

Change radio battery, adjust tire pressures, up 1/8 frt, up 1/8 RR, alter ride height,

7 1/2˚ rear wing angle, 30 L RR C’ flap 3/4″x 3/4.”

Blow grass out, front ducts loose-tighten, still some oversteer, still bottoming front slightly, set 23 C’s

Better balance, good turn in, tires gone off.

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