Bob Tilton And His 2013 Werk Crew Calendar

A couple of years ago ago I was researching Porsche info and I came across Bob Tilton’s blog:  It was like discovering a new planet with a highly developed civilization. Ostensibly about early 911’s, Werk Crew is an amazing multi-layered personal journal filled with Bob’s great photographs, stories, opinion and humor that passionately document his life and the air-cooled Porsche culture.  I bought a copy of his self-published book “Departure” which, along with Werk Crew, was instrumental in my decision to create a blog of my racing photographs.  Bob was encouraging and offered valuable advice.  A few weeks later I started Poetics of Speed and he was the first to include it on his blog roll.

It is the week of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. so it is appropriate to thank Bob and pass along the news about his latest project: the 2013 Werk Crew calendar:

UPDATE: As of December 1 the calendars are ready:

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