Inside The Brabham Garage – German Grand Prix At Hockenheim 1983

inside brabham.garage.hock83.signAfter my interview with Gordon Murray at the Silverstone GP we would occasionally chat.  Some times it was small talk and on other occasions I would ask questions about a detail on the car.  He was always friendly and answered the questions clearly.  I never interfered when it was obviously a high pressure situation.  At Hockenheim there was a thrilling moment.  Practice on track was finished and one of the mechanics started closing the pit doors so the team could work in private.  I was already standing mid garage and the mechanic looked at Murray and then at me and back to Murray apparently asking a silent question about my presence.  Murray just nodded a brief yes and the doors came down.  I found myself alone with the team as they worked on the cars.  The lighting inside the garage made exposures difficult with my slow Kodachrome film.  Of course I could put my flash unit on the camera but the bursts of light from it would be aggressive and ruin the circumstances.  Instead I tried a few existing light exposures by handholding the camera as steadily as I could.  The team ignored me  and I was rewarded with the remarkable experience of being inside a Formula One team at work.


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