Gordon Murray Reading The Passion And Precision Catalog – Dallas GP 1984

murray.catalog.dallas84.signThis was a great moment for me.  Gordon Murray was reading his interview with me in the Passion and Precision exhibition catalog. Yes, that is a “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” T shirt.  No one else was anything like Gordon Murray.  He didn’t just design race cars, he thought about F1 as a total system down to the smallest detail.  In the few short years I had to talk with him and observe his ingenious, original thinking I had no doubt he was a great artist.

On another note,  today is the anniversary of Poetics of Speed.  On October 3, 2011,  I began this blog as a record of my experiences photographing mid 1980’s Formula One and Le Mans racing.  I never expected the enthusiastic response I’ve received and I’m grateful for the appreciation.  Thank you.

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