Rain – Stefan Bellof’s Brilliant Drive – Monaco GP 1984

bellof.driving.rain.mon84sigOccasionally there are genuine surprises while sorting through my old Kodachromes.  I found this slide just a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t know I had any images of Stefan Bellof’s extraordinary effort at Monaco 1984.  Sometimes while photographing I lost track of what was actually happening in the race.  Because I wandered from corner to corner I only had fragments of the track announcer’s commentary and I didn’t carry a radio so I depended on my observations.  In the torrential rains it was clear without an announcer’s narration that Senna was catching Prost for the lead and Bellof was closing in on Senna.  Senna was of course driving brilliantly and Bellof was like lightning cutting through the storm.  Probably the most exciting on track performances I ever witnessed.

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