Jay J. Hector At Work – Caesar’s Palace GP 1982

jay.hector.CPGP82signJay J. Hector sent me a great email about the Passion and Precision exhibition I curated in 1984:

Your creation is still one of the best Formula 1 books (and it is a book) ever published, especially if one is interested in motorsport photography.  P&P has withstood the test of time.  The interviews are priceless and the insight into how the photographers work is valid even more so today, if one wants to stand-out from the crowded world of poor F1 photos on the net.  I’m proud to have participated in your fine effort.  Jay J. Hector.”

Jay’s photograph of Didier Pironi’s Ferrari at the 1982 Detroit GP was the contemporary image on the cover of the P&P catalog along with the classic photo of the Delage race car by Jacque Henri Lartigue from the French GP of 1912. That photograph won Jay the Best Sports Stories competition of 1983.

Jay is the foreground photographer with his telephoto lens stabilized by the concrete barrier.  The other photographer is Bob Tronolone wearing the American Racing Press Association armband on his belt.


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