Dan Gurney – Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

Dan Gurney and Phil Hill were important to me as a kid in growing up Cleveland, Ohio who obsessively followed European road racing.  A couple of my friends had a cursory interest but I was in deep.  I lived and breathed it and felt very alone. Gurney and Hill were Americans racing at the top of the pyramid in F1 and Endurance Sports Cars and when I read about their exploits I didn’t feel out of place anymore.  They made it seem like anything was possible which is why they are my heroes.  I was fortunate to meet and interview many drivers I admired from that era like Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Stirling Moss, Innes Ireland, and Jack Brabham.  What I wrote in my “Passion and Precision” catalog still remains true today. “Not everyone gets to meet the heroes of their youth.  Rarer still is to find that these men are more than you ever expected: Human and real and still very much heroes.”

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